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Fuel issues

How vulnerable is our supply of crude oil? What would happen if Iran made trouble in the gulf, or if the Suez Canal was closed indefinately? Are you ready for long lines at the pump, or filling stations with no fuel? Gas prices could escalate fast, yet many people wouldn't be able to get to work if such a situation lasted beyond a week.Life today revolves around transportation, so don't be caught off-guard - here are a few simple ideas...

How can you store-up Gas or Diesel?
Ideally we'd all have our own large storage tank, safely planted underground, we'd buy bulk when prices are good. But realistically, we can't all afford that, and it's really not necessary except in some worst-case scenarios, so let's think smaller.

- Can you safely store a couple five-gallon cans? In most cases we'd hopefully only need enough fuel to get us through a short-term interruption, or to offset high costs, so with some careful rationing could keep enough on-hand for 2-3 weeks of driving.

- Your first storage device is your own car! Don't run on fumes. Don't postpone filling-up. Why should you run on less than a half-tank unless you are on a trip? If you drive a truck and can install an auxiliary tank, then consider doing so, you'll never regret it.

Keep in mind that if fuel availability & pricing go haywire it will effect ALL transportation, not just your commute to work & back. Trucking companies will feel it fast, and that means other commodities we depend on regularly could also be in short local supply very soon, so this concern needs to be a part of your planning.

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